Member Directory

John Arcaro

Registered Maine Master Guide; Active member of Grand Lake Stream Guides Association; Maine Professional Guides Association; Maine Wilderness Guides Organization
Phone: 207-796-2796
Phone: 207-796-9999
31 Canal Street, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668-4071
Specializes in all types of FISHING, HUNTING and RECREATION opportunities. Fly Fishing for Landlocked Salmon in the famed Grand Lake Stream and on remote ponds for Brook Trout. Fly fishing and casting instruction available. Ice fishing in our heated ice shack on West Grand Lake. John and Mary also own and operate Canal Side Cabins, an all year round accommodation, catering to vacationing fishermen, hunters, and families since the early 1990's. Nice and cozy during the winter, yet cool in the summer from the shade of neighboring trees.

Nate Bacon

Phone: 207-745-1700
395 Back Winterport Rd., Hampden, Maine 04444
Fishing and upland hunting guide. Guiding out of an original Bacon grand laker canoe. Wade fishing for Salmon and Brooke trout. Bass fishing from grand laker or large Lund in all area lakes and ponds. Upland hunting for ruffed grouse and woodcock.

Mitch Cochran

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 207-796-5032
Phone: 207-214-5891
Tomah Country Guide Service 95 Talmadge Road Waite, Maine. 04492
Guided Hunting and fishing trips in Northeastern Maine since 1978...Spring and Summer Salmon, Smallmouth Bass and Lake Trout fishing trips, in traditional Grand Laker Canoes with open fire shore lunches. Fall seasons specializing in Grouse and Woodcock hunting with dogs and Whitetail deer hunts. We have 5 generations of Grand Lake sporting knowledge in these woods and waters!

Greg Dorr

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 207-852-8755
16 North Street, Bangor, ME 04401
Recreation, Fishing & Hunting. Canoe trips, Fishing and Upland Bird Hunting.

Chris Dumont

Phone: 207-852-8758
Moose Horn Guide Service, Brownville, ME 04414

John Floyd

Registered Maine Guide – Hunting, Fishing, Recreation classification
Phone: 207-217-2800
642 Tucker Ridge Rd, Webster Plantation, ME 04487

Our aim is to provide a full, well rounded outdoor experience for our clients in a fun and safe environment. Whether your passion is hunting, fishing, outdoor recreation, ATV trail riding or snowmobiling we have something for you. We offer guided hunts and fishing trips, canoe wildlife watching trips, lake tours and stand-alone lodging for DIY family and group trips.

The fully-equipped lodge at Tucker Ridge is available for non-guided moose hunts, DIY ATV & snowmobile group trips and DIY fishing trips when not booked for regular TRO guided activities.

Steve Forrest

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-862-3183
Phone: 207-944-8548
442 Main Rd South, Hampden, ME 04444
Fishing in my Grand Laker Canoe, from West Grand Lake, Grand Lake Stream to Hampden and all surrounding lakes.

Robert Gagner

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-796-2512
Phone: 207-214-2575
51 Tower Hill Rd, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668-4065
FISHING: Grand Laker Canoe fishing on area lakes and ponds. Fly Fishing, Grand Lake Stream and area rivers and brooks.

Paul Gluck

Registered Maine Guide
PO Box 101, Princeton, ME 04668
FISHING: Fly fishing Grand Lake Stream and area streams, rivers and brooks.

Mark Gray

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: (H) 207-862-5069
Phone: (GLS) 207-796-5475
FISHING: Area lakes for salmon and Lake Trout in my 21 FT Maine Freighter Canoe, or my 22 FT StarCraft Islander. HUNTING: Upland Bird hunting with Llewellin Setters.

Mike Hegarty

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-356-6773
110 Chick Hill Rd, Clifton, ME 04428
Mike is the owner of Chick Hill Guide Service and is licensed for fishing, hunting and recreation. With a 21 ft Maine Freighter canoe we spin cast or fly fish for small mouth bass, wade fish for trout/salmon in the many Maine rivers, streams, lakes and ponds, or troll for landlocked salmon in the spring and fall. In the fall we chase grouse and woodcock with our dogs or yours.

Mac Hurd

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 207-592-5965
35 Water St., Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668
Fishing and Hunting Grand Lake Stream

Sue Hurd

Registered Maine Fishing Guide
Phone: 207-592-7235
35 Water St., Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668
Traditional fishing in a Grand Lake Canoe, for Bass, Togue and Salmon. Shore lunches.

David Irving

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 207-427-6172
PO Box 681, Baileyville, ME 04694
Grand Lake Canoe fishing on area lakes and streams.

Gary King

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-796-2922
48 Rolfe St., Princeton, ME 04668
Togue, Bass, White Perch and Salmon fishing using 20' Lund Alaskan, or 21' Scott Canoe.

Jessie Kuester

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-290-2467
500 Main St, ME
Upland bird hunting. Guided fishing and recreation trips.

Deryn LaCombe

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 860-705-3840
98 Comins Lane, Eddington, ME 04428
Guided fishing for Landlocked Salmon, Brook Trout and Smallmouth Bass from my Grand Laker Canoe in Grand Lake Stream, Moosehead and Baxter State Park. Multiple day Allagash fishing adventures. Specializing in Fly Fishing while wading or from a canoe. Shore lunches.

Paul Laney

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-796-5068
Phone: 207-215-5065
Laney's Guide Service 165 Milford Rd. Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668
Specializing in black bear and bobcat hunts with hounds, and bear hunts over bait. I also guide for landlocked salmon, lake trout, smallmouth bass, grouse, woodcock, white-tailed deer, and moose. Fishing trips include both fly and spin casting, and lake trolling. Boats used are either a Grand Lake canoe or 20 ft Lund Alaskan. Fishing trips include a shore lunch.

Al LaPlante

Registered Master Maine Guide and Charter Captain
Phone: 207-432-5134
Guided Fishing. Map, Compass, GPS, Geocaching & Fly Casting Instruction

Jonathan Larrabee

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-502-2267
6 Bartlett Ave, Kennebunkport, ME
Registered Maine guide with 35 years guiding fly fishing and wilderness canoe trips. Also, owner of HMH Vises; Maine's premiere manufacturer of fly-tying vises, tools and fly-tying materials.

James "JR" Mabee

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 207-796-2609
Phone: 207-942-0601
271 Kenduskeag Ave., Bangor, ME 04401
Recreation; Fishing; Whitewater Level II Fishing of all types. Specializing in fly fishing. Scenic wildlife tours and canoe trips mild to wild.

Vince Matthews

Phone: 207-590-5600
Blue Star Guide Service

Jeff McEvoy

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 877-796-5558
Phone: 207-926-5598
112 Milford Rd, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668
Weatherby's is a full service lodge providing accommodations in private cabins with electricity, hot showers, fire places, screened porches, daily maid service, and wood and ice delivered everyday. We specialize in fly fishing, trolling for landlocked salmon and lake trout, and fishing for smallmouth bass, on numerous area lakes throughout the season. During October we fly fish for spawning salmon and hunt wild grouse and woodcock.

Pete Mercier

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-796-5557
Chet's Camps

Steve Norris

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 207-557-7463
Phone: 207-825-4431
Grand Lake Stream, Maine

Gil Penney

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-557-7200
21 Coburn Ave, Presque Isle, ME 04769
FISHING: Freshwater fishing around the Presque Isle area and towards Forest City.

Nathan Pike

Phone: 207-214-2406
Pokey Mountain Guide Service

Mike Remillard

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-796-2553
Phone: 207-904-7971
171 Milford Rd, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668-4016
FISHING: Lake and pond fishing in my Grand Laker Canoe, or full canvas Lund. Fly Fishing, Grand Lake Stream, or area brooks and streams. RECREATION: ATV Guiding; Snowmobile Guiding; Photographer Guiding; Painter Guiding; Lake Exploring; Driftwood Hunting; Loon Feather Hunting; Reef Snorkeling; Sunken Steamboat Snorkeling; Lake Camping; Orchid Hunting; Wildflower Hunting. HUNTING: Local game hunting of all kinds can be arranged. Lodging: Grand Lake Stream lodging, where you cook, or the lodge cooks, can be arranged.

Jerry Richardson

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-460-3891
Downeast Outfitters

Gary Santerre

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 207-796-0887
11 Leighton Lane, PO Box 64, Princeton, ME 04668
Specializes in all types of FISHING, HUNTING and RECREATION opportunities, professionally, in Wildlife Management Districts (11, 18, 19, and 28) For more information about what these numbers mean, consult our Wildlife Management Districts map.

Steve Schaefer

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 207-796-5561
Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668-4000
Grand Laker Canoe fishing in area lakes and ponds.

Ray Socabasin

Phone: 207-214-2424

Dale Tobey

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 207-796-2884
Grand Lake Stream, Maine 04668
Hunting and Fishing. Specializing in Bear and Bobcat hunts with hounds.

Mike Tuminaro

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-215-1690
Our specialties are guided fly fishing trips for trout and salmon as well as wingshooting trips for grouse and woodcock. We can also take you fishing on one of the many of Maine's lakes and ponds in our Maine Freighter and Scott canoes. These traditional guide boats provide a stable, comfortable fishing platform while allowing us to get into those "hard to reach places."

Brett Vose

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: (H) 207-796-5403
Phone: (C) 207-904-8125
177 Big Lake Rd, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668
FISHING: Salmon, Togue, Bass and White Perch fishing out of my Grand Laker Canoe.

Charles (Kim) Vose

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: (H) 207-796-5403
177 Big Lake Rd, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668
FISHING: Salmon, Trout and Bass fishing out of my Grand Laker Canoe. HUNTING: Deer and Moose.

Lance Wheaton

Registered Maine Master Guide
HC 81, PO Box 101, 2466 Forest City Rd, Forest City, ME 04413
Grand Laker Canoe fishing in Forest City area lakes and ponds.

Lee Whitley

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 207-796-0888
Grand Lake Stream, Maine 04668-4000

Steve Whitman

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 207-796-2051
PO Box 817, Princeton, ME 04668
Over 40 years of FISHING and HUNTING experience. Steve also owns and operates Long Lake Camps located on a private 40 acre peninsula, Rolfe Point, on Long Lake, Princeton. It is surrounded entirely by woods and water. Long Lake is part of a huge watershed which incluses Long Lake, Big Lake, West Grand Lake, Grand Lake Stream, the Grand Falls Flowage and the St. Croix River.

Leslie Williams

Registered Maine Master Guide
Phone: 207-796-5481
99 Main St, Princeton, ME 04668
More than 50 years of guiding experience.

Richard Yvon

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-907-9151
TWIN MAPLE OUTDOORS, 303 Williams Rd, Bradford, ME 04410
FISHING: Guiding on Lakes, Ponds, Rivers, Streams, Farms and Big Woods. G3 Jet Boat, Stealth-craft drift boat, Canoe, Kayaks, Float Tube. Ice fishing with heated shelter and side by side snow trac UTV. FLY FISHING INSTRUCTOR: Classes on River and Private Pond. RECREATION: Camping, Canoeing, Hiking, Moose Safaris, Photography Workshops. HUNTING: Moose, Deer, Turkey, Partridge. CERTIFIED NRA FIREARMS SAFTEY INSTRUCTOR: Classes on going. THE BOARD OF REGINAL TOURISM/MAINE HIGHLANDS: Business Representative Director. PRO STAFF MEMBER: G3 Boats Endorsed Partner, Dexter Knives, Stealth Craft Boats, Dexter ­ Russell Knives; NuCast