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Mike Remillard

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-796-2553
Phone: 207-904-7971
171 Milford Rd, Grand Lake Stream, ME 04668-4016
FISHING: Lake and pond fishing in my Grand Laker Canoe, or full canvas Lund. Fly Fishing, Grand Lake Stream, or area brooks and streams. RECREATION: ATV Guiding; Snowmobile Guiding; Photographer Guiding; Painter Guiding; Lake Exploring; Driftwood Hunting; Loon Feather Hunting; Reef Snorkeling; Sunken Steamboat Snorkeling; Lake Camping; Orchid Hunting; Wildflower Hunting. HUNTING: Local game hunting of all kinds can be arranged. Lodging: Grand Lake Stream lodging, where you cook, or the lodge cooks, can be arranged.

Jerry Richardson

Registered Maine Guide
Phone: 207-460-3891
Downeast Outfitters